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Keeping Brewery Tours Safe

Brewery tours are a great way for patrons to see where their favorite craft beers come from and to get an up close look at the brewing process. However, it is important for guests to remember that breweries are industrial manufacturing facilities and as such, they have a wide range of potential hazards.

Keeping your brewery tour safe is easy, but you must coordinate with your production staff and follow certain safety guidelines. Make sure your brewery has a designated tour path that is clear of hoses, standing water, containers of chemicals and forklift traffic. Also, if your brewery uses harsh cleaning products that are not environmentally friendly make sure to warn patrons to wear gloves and eye protection when entering the production areas.

Make sure your tour guides are comfortable and knowledgeable of the brewery’s equipment and beer-making processes. This will help to make the tour more enjoyable for everyone. Also, don’t let anyone wander off on their own during the tour, this could lead to them slipping and falling, getting burnt or being hit by a piece of equipment.

Make sure your tour is scheduled for a time when there are not any other brewery activities happening. This will reduce the amount of people in the brewery and allow your guides to focus on the safety and enjoyment of the tour. Lastly, encourage all tour attendees to arrange for transportation after the brewery tour is over. Whether this is by designating a driver, bringing cab fare or scheduling a ride with Uber or Lyft, having some transportation plans in place will ensure that no one is drinking and driving after the tour is over.

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