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The Benefits of Brewery Tours

Brewery tours give beer lovers a behind the scenes look at how their favourite brews are made. It’s a chance for them to connect with their brewery, the people who work there and the products they produce in an authentic way that can’t be replicated in bars or restaurants. For long-time fans, it’s a chance to reinforce their love of the brewery and its beers, while for new fans it’s an opportunity to spark an interest and develop a relationship with your brand.

A brewery tour also adds educational value as guests learn about the ingredients, brewing methods and history of a particular brewery. This knowledge helps them appreciate the craft beer they enjoy even more. They can even start a conversation with other brewery tour participants and make new friends.

Often, brewery tours are held by local, independent businesses that rely on the support of their community. Attending a brewery tour is an excellent way to support these small businesses and help their communities thrive.

The key to a successful brewery tour is keeping the tour group size small. This allows the guide to keep an eye on everyone and ensures that nobody wanders off where they shouldn’t. It also makes it easier for the tour guides to coordinate with production staff and alter the tour route on a moment’s notice to avoid hazards, such as hoses, hot equipment and forklift traffic. The smaller the tour group, the more flexible your guides can be when navigating these risks.

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