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New Craft Beer

As the craft beer boom entered its twilight years in 2022, overall consumer preferences were moderating and many breweries found themselves in a squeeze between the booming market for flavorful beers and mainstream drinkers’ preference for hard seltzer and canned spirits-based cocktails. This squeeze caused some breweries to turn up the heat on innovation, but a few went too far.

In some cases, the brewing community was simply following the trends and throwing ingredients together that were eye-catching with the hope they would help their beers stand out in a crowd of competing products. As a result, the beer aisle started to look like a technicolor billboard of near-indecipherable beers.

The best examples of New craft beer are those that are brewed to reflect the brewery’s own style and brand personality. Breweries that want to promote their own unique brand of beer should focus on brewing what they love to brew and not just what will sell, says Larson.

This winter, Denver’s Cohesion Brewing released Double Decocte, a double-decocted porter that is rich in malt and full of roasted grain flavors and toasty aromas. It’s a welcome departure from the ultra-hazy IPAs that have proliferated the market in recent months and is proof that craft beer can still find its place in a crowded beverage category.

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