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Best Beers of All Time

The craft beer movement has given rise to many impressive brews, with styles and flavors pushing the envelope in new directions. But some beers have stood the test of time, remaining stalwarts on beer store shelves and in the hearts of beer drinkers everywhere. These are the best of them.

A lager’s low alcohol content makes it a great choice for casual drinking, as you can indulge in several beers without getting too buzzed. Plus, a well-brewed lager has a satisfying interplay between sweet and bitter flavors, making it a refreshing, easy-drinking beer.

Heineken is a perfect example of this, as it’s loaded with warm bready notes and bright apple flavor. Then it’s rounded out with a bit of skunkiness and a nice mouthfeel that makes this beer an excellent choice for a relaxing day in the sun or a night of socializing.

Lagunitas’ DayTime IPA checks an impressive amount of boxes, being hoppy, balanced, and brewed with a modest 3 grams of carbs and only 98 calories. This California-crafted beer is sure to be a summer favorite, especially when it’s enjoyed with friends.

This list of the best beers is based on ratings from Zymurgy, the official magazine for the American Homebrewers Association, which asks its tens of thousands of readers to vote for their favorites. The beers that receive the most votes are listed first, followed by beers with fewer votes but still worthy of being recognized for their exceptional taste.

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