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The Benefits of Brewery Tours

Brewery tours give beer lovers a unique look behind the scenes of their favorite craft brews. The experience is also a great way for visitors to learn about the beer-making process and connect with the people who make it.

Brewing is a labor of love that takes time and commitment. As the industry continues to grow, breweries are turning to brewery tours as a way to connect with their consumers and share their passion for beer. This shift in approach to consumer connection is known as “Experience Economics.”

Tours are also a great way for the breweries to get direct feedback from their guests. Whether it is an idea for the next session ale, a suggestion to improve their zero-waste strategy or just a comment about how much they loved your new IPA, the visitor’s input can be a tremendous source of inspiration.

Breweries that offer facility tours are also able to generate revenue through beer tastings and retail sales of branded items such as T-shirts, water bottles, frisbees and, of course, the beer itself. Many smaller breweries have a restaurant attached to their facility and provide a fantastic dining and drinking experience along with the tour.

In order to maintain a safe environment for brewery tour guests, it is essential that the brewery eliminate as many potential hazards as possible. For example, it is recommended that breweries use physical barriers during production tours to prevent patrons from wandering into areas where hot pipes, chemical containers and pinch points are present. In addition, the brewery should also clearly label all hazards in the tour area according to OSHA standards and place them within sight of the tour path.

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