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Brewery Tours

Brewery tours allow visitors to see where their favorite beer is made and meet the people who make it. These experiences help build a connection between the brewery and its patrons, as well as promote the brand. Brewery tours can also provide a lot of educational value to consumers. The tour-goers can learn about the ingredients and brewing methods used to produce each beer, as well as how to properly taste the beers.

Brewing facilities should offer a safe environment for their tour guests. This includes making sure that OSHA-compliant railings and machine guarding are in place, especially on structures built for the tour such as viewing platforms. Brewery employees should verbally warn tour guests of any hazards they may encounter during the tour, and be prepared to turn away people who don’t listen to instructions or act recklessly.

Having regularly scheduled tour days and times will make it easier for the staff to plan accordingly. It will also make it easier for guests to attend and avoid the risk of missing out. Breweries should offer free souvenirs to tour-goers, such as a branded tasting glass or bottle opener. This will add to the enjoyment of the experience, and will also encourage repeat visits.

Brewery tours are a great way to connect with other beer lovers and make new friends. They are also a fun activity for groups of friends or families. The tours often have knowledgeable hosts who are more than happy to answer any questions about beer. In addition, they are an excellent opportunity to try different beers and learn what flavors you enjoy and don’t like. During a tasting, it is best to drink water between each beer to cleanse your palate. It is also helpful to start with lighter beers and work your way towards darker ones to get a better sense of the flavor profiles.

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