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What is Beer?

When it comes to alcoholic beverages, there is a whole world to explore from whiskey and gin to rum and brandy. But beer is a classic and beloved brew with a unique flavor all its own – sweet from malt, bitter from hops and full of yeast’s fermentation magic. The combination of these ingredients creates a truly magical beverage that’s both refreshing and satisfying.


Grains are a key ingredient in all beers, adding sweetness and texture and providing the necessary sugars for fermentation. Barley is the main grain used in beers, with other grains like rye, wheat and spelt also frequently seen in the brewing process. When malted, these grains become a mash which is steeped in hot water to release starches and enzymes that can be fermented into alcohol.

The mash is then boiled to create a sweet wort which can be cooled to the right temperature for pitching yeast. Yeast are single-celled organisms that consume the sugar and produce alcohol as a byproduct. The beer is then stored in conditioning tanks for a few days to several weeks (or occasionally years) until it’s deemed ready for the public.

The final product is a drink with varying ABVs (alcohol by volume) and flavors based on the type of grain, hops and yeast that was used in production. In addition, a range of other ingredients such as toasted or roasted malts, fruit juices, herbs and spices can be used to add extra character and interest to the finished product.

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