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The Best Beers in America

Beer – the world’s most popular alcoholic beverage has been around since ancient times, and it continues to evolve today. From classic lagers to craft IPAs, there’s something for every taste.

While some breweries are going all out with new styles, others are looking back at traditional brewing methods and recipes for inspiration. This collaborative and experimental approach has resulted in some of the best beers America has to offer.

From light lagers that are refreshing and easy to drink to rich and complex stouts, there’s a brew for everyone. And because lagers are often gluten-free, they’re ideal for anyone with a mild intolerance to this protein or those trying to cut down on carbs.

Recognized for its iconic electric blue branding, Bud Light is a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a crisp and refreshing beverage. Its 4.2 percent ABV and subtle taste make it a versatile and enjoyable drink for any occasion.

With a deep golden hue and robust bitterness, Heineken is a classic lager that’s both refreshing and satisfying. Its clean flavor makes it a perfect companion to a variety of meals, and its balanced finish is sure to keep you coming back for more.

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