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New Craft Beer Will Be a Hot Trend in 2023

Featured Image via Gray Media Group via Getty Images

New craft beer, with its unique combination of flavors and ingredients, offers a refreshing alternative to the typical bubbly beverages that have dominated alcohol consumption for decades. As such, it’s becoming a hot trend in 2023.

The industry has come a long way since changing laws in the late 1990s enabled microbreweries to thrive. Until then, stringent brewing laws only allowed large-scale producers to operate, making it impossible for small breweries to compete with the established brands.

Since then, the craft scene has exploded into a wide variety of tastes and styles that cater to different markets. In addition to more traditional options like pale ales and stouts, there’s also a host of fruity IPAs, sours, and ciders.

As craft beer continues to evolve, brewers are experimenting with different ingredients and styles to keep up with consumer demand. This includes introducing flavors that would never have been considered possible before—such as the health-boosting reishi mushroom found in this new brew from Flying Embers, which focuses on hard kombucha and hard seltzers designed to offer “a buzz with benefits.”

While many consumers show strong loyalty to specific beer brands, analysts believe that younger customers—the ones who fueled the explosion of craft beers in the first place—are less likely to stick with a single brand for life. This could mean that breweries will continue to produce more new products and introduce trends that appeal to a wider audience.

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