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Brewery Tours

Brewery tours are an opportunity to share your brewery, your beer and your story with the world. They are also a great way to connect with guests and build brand loyalty. However, the safety of your guests must be kept in mind when running a brewery tour as even one accident can have major legal and financial implications for a small business. To avoid such situations, keep your group size small so that your guide can easily keep track of everyone and prevent people from touching things they shouldn’t or wandering off. Also make sure to plan for hot or noisy production areas and create alternate routes so that you don’t have your guests stuck in these conditions for extended periods of time.

Another important consideration is food. Many breweries will provide food for their brewery tour guests but this isn’t always the case, so make sure to ask what’s included. Also consider providing a free souvenir, such as a branded tasting glass or coaster. Finally, make sure that your guests can taste a variety of beers to find the ones they like best and don’t be afraid to step outside their comfort zone!

Brewery tours are a great way to make new friends. They offer a unique social experience where you can talk with others who love beer just as much as you do and exchange recommendations for future brewing adventures. Also, many breweries offer non-alcoholic drinks as well so that designated drivers or those who don’t drink alcohol can participate in the fun.

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