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What to Look For in Brewery Tours

Brewery tours are a great way to showcase your brand, give customers a behind-the-scenes look at how beer is made, and help you connect with the community. It’s important to have a variety of different tour options to offer your guests so they can find the right experience for them.

Dogfish brewery is known for their unique approach to brewing and brewery tours. This brewery offers a free beer tour to their guests and you get to keep your branded tasting glass. Their tours are very educational and fun. They even have a special room dedicated to their barrel-aging process. You can visit their Steampunk Treehouse and Bunyan’s Lunchbox for a tasty meal before or after your tour.

The brewery also offers a non-alcoholic beverage to underage guests so they can participate in the tour. This helps them learn about the brewing process and also taste distinctions that they might not have noticed before. It’s a great way to connect with new friends and make connections that will last long after your tour is over.

The best brewery tours are the ones that are safe for everyone. It’s essential to have proper safety equipment in place, especially in production areas. Make sure all machines are OSHA-compliant and put up physical barriers during tours to keep visitors from tripping over things they shouldn’t be touching, like hot pipes, chemical containers or pinch points. This can be done with creative barriers, like orange cones or barricades, that complement the brewery’s aesthetic.

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