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Best Beer of All Time

Best beer

As the world’s most popular alcoholic beverage, beer has a long and varied history. Over time, it has branched out into a multitude of different styles that are beloved by beer connoisseurs. Whether you are looking for a light beer or something with more flavor, this list of the best beers has you covered.

What qualifies as a beer depends on a combination of many factors, including quality, price, and packaging. The USA Beer Ratings judging formula takes all these things into account to determine the winning beers in each category. Each beer has a Quality score, Value score, and Package score which are then combined to give the overall USA Beer Ratings score. A beer must have a score of 90 or above to receive the Gold medal, 80-89 for silver, and 70-79 for bronze.

The top-rated beers are based on the most recent ratings from a variety of independent beer-loving sources, including BeerAdvocate, Zymurgy Magazine, and RateBeer. A beer’s rating is calculated using a complex algorithm that includes taste, aroma, and appearance.

Though some craft beer snobs turn up their noses at Miller High Life, it’s hard to deny that the simple, crisp golden-pilsner is a satisfying drink. It’s also a great pick for beer lovers who like to chug cold, cheap lagers on the go.

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