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The Brewery Tour – A Guide for Brewers

Brewery tours offer beer lovers the opportunity to see how their favorite beers are made. The brewery experience also teaches them about the history of the beer they are drinking and gives them an appreciation for the craft brewing process. Many breweries also include samples at the end of the tour and offer patrons a dollar off their next beer for turning in their tour ticket.

Aside from being educational, a brewery tour is also fun and social. Having a group of people who love the same things in common can lead to great conversations and friendships.

The Brewery Tour: A Guide for Brewers

Offering brewery tours is a great way to show your brand’s passion and commitment to quality. This can help build a loyal fan base that feels connected to your brewery and beers.

Brewery tours allow guests to experience the brewing process firsthand, which makes for a memorable day out. However, it is important to be prepared for the risks that come with these types of activities. Breweries are industrial manufacturing facilities, and there is a lot of equipment that can be hazardous to guests.

To ensure the safety of your brewery tour patrons, follow these best practices. Keep the designated tour path clear of hazards like hoses, chemical containers, and forklift traffic. Make sure to coordinate with production staff when planning tour dates and times, so that the path is not blocked by brewery operations.

Finally, don’t let unsafe or intoxicated patrons on your tour. This can have major legal and financial implications for your brewery.

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