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Beer and Food – A Quick Guide

When it comes to pairing food with beer, there are plenty of options. From savory to sweet and rich, the possibilities are endless. But finding the perfect combination can be difficult.

So to make it easier for you and your team, we’ve put together a quick guide of what foods go well with different types of beers. It’s based on the three C’s of beer and food pairing, which stands for Cut, Complement and Contrast.


Beer is great at cutting through the flavor of your food, especially fatty and oily dishes. It also produces a fresh mouthfeel, bringing out the flavors of the dish. This makes it ideal for salads and light seafood dishes like fish or a simple fruit tart.


One of the easiest ways to pair beer with food is by looking for complementary flavors. Look for a beer with a similar taste or aroma to the food you’re eating, such as the mild flavor of a wheat beer with chicken or fish salad or the pleasant spiciness of a Belgian Witbier with Korean fried chicken.

Another option is to choose a beer with a strong and distinctive taste that can stand up to the robustness of your food. The best example of this is oysters with a chocolatey stout, where the salty and fatty flavors are balanced by the beer’s thick and chocolatey mouthfeel. You can also contrast flavors by choosing a beer with an opposite taste or aroma to your food, such as sour and bitter or tangy and spicy.

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