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New Craft Beer

New craft beer

New craft beer

In the last few years, breweries that once were deemed independent craft have been bought by big corporations. This has created a rift amongst beer enthusiasts. Some swear off these brands, while others use social media to protest brewing practices and business tactics. Others simply choose to support those breweries still viewed as “craft.”

Many beer-lovers are getting more interested in tart, Belgian-style lambics and gueuzes. These beers are aged for several months to years and require specialized equipment that can’t be easily replicated in mass production. Until now, the only way to enjoy them was to visit a small brewery. But Allagash Brewing Company has made brewing these beers more accessible with the first commercial coolship in the United States.

This beer is brewed with malts including 2-row pale and unmalted wheat. Prolific additions of Mosaic, Simcoe and Strata hops deliver citrus notes of grapefruit, pineapple and mango. It’s a refreshing and full-flavored example of the hazy IPA craze that has taken hold of the craft market in recent years.

Some say this trend will eventually wear out, and breweries will seek to strike more of a balance between beer’s typical hoppy flavor and fruity tones. But for now, this trend is a welcome change from the light lagers that dominated the market in recent decades. It’s also a boon for American barley farmers, who have seen a surge in demand for the grain.

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