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New Craft Beer Trends For 2023

New craft beer

The craft beer industry has exploded in recent years and, under normal circumstances, this would result in overall consumer purchasing trends regressing toward the mean or moderating. But Covid-19 happened, and suddenly consumers seem to have flipped their buying habits back to tried-and-true, safe products. This trend, which we can only assume is the logical consequence of an over-abundance of new and unproven flavors, could have dire consequences for breweries that focus solely on innovation.

For many craft drinkers, the appeal of a beer is that it tastes like something different than mass-produced, bland lagers. With their diverse range of flavor profiles and high-quality ingredients, these brews can offer drinking experiences that aren’t possible with a mass-produced lager.

But some breweries are taking this concept too far, with flavors and combinations that don’t always make for great beers. As we head into 2023, it’s important for breweries to focus on their core offerings and stick with what they know best.

We think this means more clean pilsners and dark porters—those are the kinds of beers that craft consumers will likely continue to love. But we also hope that breweries will stop adding in ingredients just for the sake of being “eye-catching.” The best breweries stick to what they love and what they’re good at, which will help them build a following that’s based on their quality beer, not a gimmick.

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