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Brewery Tours

brewery tours

Brewery tours offer a fun way to learn how beer is made. They are also a great opportunity to enjoy some delicious beer from different brewery brands. Brewery tours are also available in many cities all over the world.

When choosing a brewery tour, it is important to know what is included in the package. This will help you avoid getting frustrated if your tour does not include what you have expected. For example, you should find out if there will be a ride accommodation during the tour or if meals will be served. You should also know how many breweries are included in the package so that you can plan your time accordingly.

Some of the best brewery tours are in Germany, where brewhouses are open for public visits to teach visitors about the craft. For instance, the Weihenstephan Brewery Museum and Brewing School offers a behind-the-scenes look at brewing while educating about the region’s rich history of beer. Griffin Brewery, which churns out the iconic Fuller’s Ale in London, also hosts 20 tours per week to educate about its rich company history and the complicated process of brewing.

In the US, brewery lovers can enjoy a behind-the-scenes look into the brewing process at the Boston Brewery. The hour long tours provide a wealth of information about the brewery’s history and present operations. The Coors Brewery in Golden, Colorado is another big name that invites visitors to its facilities for a look at how the famous beer is made.

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