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The Best Beers in America

Best beer

As beer has evolved from a primitive fermented grain beverage to a craft industry powerhouse, there’s never been more variety than now. But what really defines a beer style? Centuries of accumulated wisdom and trial and error have honed the brewing process, leading to a set of accepted flavors that can be distilled into distinct beers.

As such, beer enthusiasts have established a hierarchy of the country’s best beers. Each year, Zymurgy Magazine polls its tens of thousands of readers on their favorite beers and the results are published in the magazine and online. Heady Topper and Pliny the Elder have both risen to the top, but each has a unique flavor that sets it apart from other brews.

For those who aren’t into such bold taste, there are plenty of lighter options. Heineken Light strikes a perfect balance between sweet and bitter, utilizing premium hops for a bright citrus taste and adding a dash of corn for a smooth mouthfeel. There’s even a bit of skunkiness, but it’s intentional and works well with the sweetness and fruity flavor.

Then there are the classics, like Budweiser. While the “King of Beers” has a long-running beef with a Czech brewery over naming rights, it’s still a reliable light lager that’s good for any occasion. For those looking for something even simpler, Miller High Life is a refreshing, crisp golden pilsner that’s just as tasty cold as it is warm.

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