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How to Optimize Your Brewery Tours

brewery tours

Brewery tours are an immersive experience that lets people see the beer-making process from beginning to end. They often include tastings and are an excellent way to build brand awareness for the brewery. They can also add educational value, as guests learn about different ingredients, brewing techniques and the history of the specific brewery they’re visiting.

Taking steps to optimize the tour experience will make it more compelling for your brewery’s visitors. The first step is understanding who’s attending your brewery tour so you can offer bundles and pricing options that make sense. For example, Founders Brewing Co analyzed their brewery tour data and learned that many of their visitors wanted more time to explore the brewery so they created a private and public version of the tour.

The second step is to highlight the unique qualities of your brewery’s beer. It’s important to tell a story that will leave people wanting more. You can do this by including a history of the brewery, highlighting its beer recipes and explaining what makes your brewery stand out. It’s also important to create a personable, knowledgeable and enthusiastic team of tour guides that can deliver your brewery’s story.

Lastly, it’s essential to make the tour a safe and comfortable experience for your guests. This is particularly important if you have production areas where your guests may encounter hazards like hot pipes, chemical containers and pinch points. Provide safety training for your guests and post warning signs or physical barriers during your tour to restrict access to production areas.

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