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Brewery Tours

brewery tours

A brewery tour is a great way to connect beer lovers and brewers with local brands and learn more about how their favorite beverages are made. Brewery tours are a win for both the local economy and brewing companies by increasing brand awareness, encouraging repeat business and driving sales.

Brewery tours are often affordable, with many including free samples or discounted brews. For this reason, they can be a popular attraction for tourists and college students looking to experience the craft beer scene. In addition, they can generate a significant amount of revenue for the brewery through add-ons and branded merchandise.

Allagash’s brewery tour offers beer tastings to legal-age adults and has a retail store that sells t-shirts, beer glasses, water bottles, beer caps and frisbees. The company also hosts brewery events like food and beer pairings, a weekly trivia night and a special brewing event.

The key to a successful brewery tour is ensuring that the safety of all guests is protected. Make sure the brewery has OSHA-compliant machine guards and railings, especially in production areas where guests could become a hazard by touching hot pipes or chemical containers. Use physical barriers to restrict access to areas of the facility that are off limits to guests during tours, such as using orange cones or a more creative solution like vintage movie theater stanchions. Verbally warn guests that they may be asked to leave if they do not follow tour instructions or ignore posted warning signs and physical barriers.

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