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New Craft Beer Trends

New craft beer

Whether it’s a salty sour ale, an elevated lager or a new way to enjoy hard seltzer, these beers prove that craft breweries are a step ahead of the curve.

Despite the year-over-year decline in beer sales in 2022, breweries producing beers that fall outside of the Brewers Association definition of craft beer haven’t lowered their bar, or their ambitions. Rather, these breweries are dipping into the macro playbook to craft new beer styles that appeal to more casual drinkers.

One such example is this rusty-hued sour ale from the Fort Collins, Colo.-based brewery. It’s seasoned with Himalayan pink sea salt and loaded with a fruit trio of guava, acai and elderberry. The result is a tart, spritzy sipper that “feels like drinking a tropical punch out of a beer can,” says our panelist Ken Gardenhire, cofounder and chief editor of Philly’s Human Robot magazine.

Another trend that grew out of the craft industry’s penchant for experimentation is a return to high-ABV styles. This new IPA from the Brooklyn, NY-based brewer combines that interest in innovation with the massive popularity of the Game of Thrones franchise. Its hazy appearance is inspired by the look of the popular HBO series’ landscapes, and it delivers on its promise to be both hop forward and drinkable at 6.5% ABV. It’s the first release in a planned series of Thrones-inspired beers from Mikkeller, which is also brewing a new series of low-calorie lagers and sessionable IPAs.

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