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How to Pair Food and Beer

food and beer

There is a wide variety of foods that pair well with beer, from light salads to hearty grilled meats. There are even sweet desserts that are made to pair with beer, such as cheesecake and chocolate peanut butter cookies.

In pairing food and beer, the goal is to bring out and enhance the flavors of each. In general, the best way to do this is to use complementary or contrasting flavors. Complementary flavor pairings match flavors that go well together, such as a chocolatey stout with briny oysters. Contrasting flavor pairings take the opposite approach and match flavors that clash or overwhelm one another.

Many medium and dark beers have a strong flavor that can sometimes overpower certain kinds of food. For example, you would want to avoid pairing salmon with a pint of Guinness because the beer’s flavor will completely mask the taste of the fish.

These beers are brewed with hops for bitterness and additional flavor, as well as spices, fruits or chemical flavoring. They can be brewed in a wide range of colors, from pale golden to amber with a varied ABV. They typically have a malty, caramel or toffee flavor and a balanced hop bitterness. They pair well with fried foods, aged cheeses and creamy dishes like fettuccine Alfredo. These are the beers that have a deep, rich taste of roasted malts with hints of chocolate and cocoa. They are paired well with savory dishes like grilled pork or steak and also with sweet desserts such as creme brulee and banana pound cake.

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