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New Craft Beer Trends for 2010

New craft beer


The craft brewing industry continues to thrive. With the exception of some breweries that went out of business, most breweries have seen their sales increase over the past several years. This has given breweries a chance to try new things and experiment. While some of these experiments might not have worked, others were huge successes that can be built upon. In the next decade, look for more of these successful experiments to be replicated and adapted.

For example, expect a bigger push than ever behind Cold IPAs. These beers tend to fall into the IPA range of 6.5% – 7.0% ABV, but with more pronounced hop flavors than typical IPAs. This is a style that is sure to appeal to both the IPA and Lager fans.

Another big trend is for breweries to focus on low-calorie, lower carb beers. These beers provide an easy drink that is light on calories but heavy on flavor. This is a great way for craft breweries to offer value during choppy economic times.

This is a trend that is likely to continue as the younger generation of beer consumers takes over the industry. While they will still drink many of the macro-brewed products their parents grew up with, this group of young adults will be more interested in finding the craft brands that best reflect their interests.

This includes more sours and barrel-aged beers, but it also means that breweries will be focusing on adding more interesting ingredients to these styles. For example, look for more beers that contain reishi mushrooms. These mushrooms are known to be adaptogens and help the body adapt to stress. Also, look for breweries to start experimenting with more exotic fruits.

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