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The Best Beer: Top Brews in All Categories

Best beer

The Best beer: Top brews in all categories

Walk into any beer store and you’ll be awash in choice. The market is flooded with double-chunky chocolaty stouts, guava smoothie sours and Gothic Baltic barleywines, to name but a few. But look beyond the maximalism and you’ll find a category undergoing something like a soft revolution, nudged aloft by the twinned winds of societal trends and market forces.

It’s the year of the nonalcoholic beer, which speaks to a mellow shrugging of the shoulders and a slow-but-steady shifting of cultural norms. From lagers and IPAs to stouts and porters, the new crop of no- or low-alcohol pours are a welcome addition to the brewing landscape.

A light-bodied IPA with an assertive hop character and an enjoyable bitterness, Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale is a winner in all categories. Its toasted malt flavors and fruity aromas evoke notes of grapefruit, melon and lemon. The beer is brewed with a mix of hops, including the aromatic Saaz variety, and its finish is clean and bright. It’s easy to see why it was a fan favorite for nearly a century.

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