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Best Beers From Low-Or-No-Alcohol Brews

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There are few nodes of drinking culture more saturated, spoilt for choice and endlessly iterated upon in the 21st century than craft beer. But look beyond the Double Chunky Cheeky Stouts, Guava Java Smoothie Sours and Gothic Baltic Barleywines and you’ll find one of the fastest-growing, most unexpectedly delicious categories: low- or no-alcohol beers. As a result, they’re rapidly upending stereotypes and sales records, while also tossing off the idea that nonalcoholic beer is inherently bland or boring.

In fact, some of the best beers available today are low- or no-alcohol, but they’re full-flavored and brewed with a variety of different ingredients, ranging from wheat to hops to fruit. To determine which brews are the highest-rated in every state, VinePair used data from Beer Advocate to compare the top-rated alcoholic and nonalcoholic beers in each state.

Goose Island IPA is an award-winning, hoppy beer that is complex, strong and smooth. It’s a great choice for beer lovers who love the taste of fresh citrus, bitterness and malt.

The six-time GABF winner is a fuller-flavored IPA that opens with lightly earthy aromas and finishes with a bold hop flavor. This brew is the perfect choice for those who love the taste of fresh citrus, bold hops and a smooth finish.

The first time Heady Topper appeared on this list in 2011, it had already established itself as a legend. It’s a rare beer, made only in extremely limited quantities at the Trappist Abbey of Saint Sixtus of Westvleteren. The monks don’t want it resold outside of the monastery, and the beer has gained so much acclaim that people have been known to stand in lines for hours just to get a can.

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