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What’s the Best Beer?

Best beer

As a certified beer cicerone, Ethan Fixell has tried a lot of the nerdiest and most flavorful suds out there. But when it comes to the best beer, he’s looking for something simple and satisfying.

That’s why he’s a big fan of Miller High Life, the stalwart adjunct domestic lager that’s beloved for its light and refreshing golden-pilsner flavor profile. “I like the way it tastes so uncomplicated, which is hard to find in a beer nowadays,” says Fixell. “And I love that it’s served in 7-ounce pony bottles so you can keep a fresh one at hand.”

In fact, the beer has become such a household name that Miller recently launched High Life Gold, a higher alcohol content version with an additional calorie boost. But the original remains our winner for its inoffensive nature and crisp, balanced interplay of sweet, bitter, and malty notes.

Budweiser has a long-running beef with a small Czech brewery over its naming rights (see: USA Today), but it’s still a solidly decent and easy-to-drink brew, thanks to its luxe golden hue, delicate hop character, and soft mouthfeel. It’s also a great choice for those concerned about the amount of gluten in beer, as it has a relatively low level of the protein.

Heineken does light beer right, balancing sweetness and bitterness with a rich foundation of warm bready flavors, some bright apple, and a hint of corn. There’s also a little bit of skunkiness that adds to the complexity and gives Heineken its classic flavor. It’s even better when served super cold.

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