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The Definition of Craft Beer

Craft Beer

As we all know, Craft Beer is beer made by independent breweries, as opposed to the mass-produced, corporately controlled beers you find in most bars and restaurants. But what exactly is the definition of craft beer? And when did the artisanal beer movement really start to take off?

The term “craft” comes from an old English word meaning “an art or trade requiring special, often manual skill.” In the context of beer, it refers to brewing and fermentation. Its popularity as a craft has been growing for years thanks to changing tastes, improved brewing methods, and dedicated communities of beer lovers.

In the beginning, the term “craft beer” referred to independently made brews. This brewers would typically only produce in small batches and sell it to locals in their community, town, city, or region. As the craft beer industry has evolved, however, a number of small breweries have been purchased by massive brewing conglomerates, and their beers are now distributed nationwide under the craft label.

This move has been controversial, and a battle for the craft label is now underway. Several veteran craft breweries have started their own associations to mobilize consumers, and they are fighting to make sure that their beers retain the integrity of the label.

Ultimately, the definition of craft beer is still up in the air, but it’s important to understand what makes a beer crafty. It’s about a dedication to quality ingredients and flavor, and an unwavering commitment to independence.

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