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New Craft Beer

New craft beer

New craft beer is a booming business and not just for the smaller breweries. The big bev-alc players are also jumping on the craft bandwagon. Consumers are noticing newer flavors and more options, especially with the recent increase in distribution of flavored IPAs.

While consumers have a wide range of choices, this variety poses some operational challenges for breweries and distributors. The varied production schedules of different lines makes it hard for breweries to disseminate their products widely on a predictable basis. This can depress sales and deter long-term loyalty.

The newest offerings range from traditional styles, such as pilsners and porters to hazy India pale ale (IPA), smoked beer, fruited beers and more. New beer is also popping up in cans and bottles in addition to on tap, which provides a more portable option for consumers.

As a result, the beverage market has become more diverse than ever. Retailer shelves no longer only have beer on them, but alcoholic beverages such as kombucha, cider and even hard seltzer are growing in popularity. The varying options on the shelf may be a challenge for consumers who are trying to keep their beer drinking habits in line with their health and wellness goals.

Despite the newness and diversity in this industry, there are still some things that breweries need to do to make their mark. Larson believes that some breweries are “just following trends and throwing ingredients together that are eye-popping with the hope that it will help them sell beer.” Instead, she suggests breweries focus on making beers that their team loves and can stand behind.

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