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The Growth of Craft Beer

Craft Beer

Craft beer is an alcoholic beverage that uses premium quality ingredients to produce great tastes, unique blends and creamy textures. These beers are usually free from additives, chemicals and preservatives. This type of beer is made by small-scale brewing companies using a variety of different flavors to appeal to the tastes of consumers across the world.

The growth of craft beer is attributed to a number of demand- and supply-side factors. On the demand side, increasing consumer demand for more beer styles, a desire to differentiate from mass-produced beers, and higher incomes among beer consumers are credited with fueling the rise of microbreweries. Consumer organizations also played a vital role in the early development of the craft beer industry, stimulating the activity of pioneers and supporting the creation of home-brewing associations and networks.

Aside from producing excellent beverages, most craft breweries are also very active in their local communities through philanthropy and other initiatives such as product donations, volunteering and sponsorship of events. In addition, many breweries are now selling their products directly to consumers through on-site taprooms or online sales.

Despite the impressive growth of craft beer, the segment is still only a tiny sliver of total beer sales worldwide, with global brewing conglomerates AB InBev and Heineken NV dominating the market. This is largely because of antiquated regulations stemming from the temperance movement that have prevented major macrobreweries from snapping up artisanal breweries in order to enter the craft beer market.

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