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New Craft Beers This Year

New craft beer

Regardless of whether you prefer a cold-brewed IPA, the fruity sippers of a hazy, or the malty heft of an imperial, there’s something new for everyone to discover this year. From a collaboration with a popular TV show to a line of new lagers, these beers are the ones that you’ll want to stock up on.

A plethora of new craft beer options can be a boon for consumers, but the variety also poses operational challenges. Some breweries struggle to meet demand, while others are limited by space for on- and off-premise sales.

This year, many breweries focused on lower-ABV lagers and sessionable ales. It’s a smart move given an aging consumer base and a shift towards lower-calorie drinks, but the focus can skew the image of craft beer as a high-ABV drink.

Last year, inclement weather wreaked havoc on barley crops, causing growers to scramble for substitute ingredients. The result was a lot of beers with less flavor, and some with off-flavors that were difficult to taste in a glass or can. This year, breweries are taking more care to source their malts from the best possible locations and ensure that their beers have full flavor.

Brewmaster Tomme Arthur is known for his Belgian-style beers, but this year he took it to the next level with Cuvee de Tomme. This beer is a sour brown ale with candi sugar, raisins, and sour cherries that is aged in bourbon barrels with wild Brettanomyces yeast. It’s a mind-blowing example of the craft beer world pushing boundaries and breaking rules in pursuit of creativity.

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