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Food and Beer Pairing

food and beer

When people think of food and beer, they may think of a plate of nachos or a burger, but there are many other foods that pair well with lagers, ales, stouts and more. As a drink that contains ingredients such as malt, hops and yeast (not to mention water), beer has a broad spectrum of flavor that can be manipulated through the addition of various additives and spices. The taste of a beer can range from bitter to sweet, salty to fruity and even smoky or oaky.

Because of this, it’s important to choose the right beers for pairing with food and not simply rely on generalizations or common assumptions. The most important factor in food and beer pairing is matching the intensity of flavors, as overpowering flavors can be overwhelming for both the food and the beer.

In general, lighter beers like lagers or pale ales pair well with a wide variety of dishes, ranging from cheeses to salads to pizza or grilled chicken. On the other hand, hoppy beers with their bold, intense flavors tend to do best with more rich and “fatty” foods, including Buffalo wings, pasta with bacon, ribs or a steak burrito.

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