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Best Beers of 2013

Best beer

The best beer is a subjective matter, but there are some brews that seem to resonate with drinkers all over the world. As such, when news outlets aggregate the best beer lists of the year, it’s hard to deny the ubiquity of a few specific brews.

One of the most notable inclusions is the classic lager, Miller High Life. This refreshing easy-drinker has been around since 1903 and is a major piece of American beer history. A classic choice for a daytime gathering or a late night out, High Life is a reliable comfort for many.

Another entry is Yuengling, an iconic Amber lager that’s perfect for cold weather and daytime drinking. A solid pick for a road trip, this brew is darker than most mass-market lagers and offers the comforting taste of molasses. This is a good beer for those who aren’t ready for a hoppy or bitter IPA.

The list also features a couple of hazy IPAs from Phase Three Brewing. While the brewer has a reputation for larger, hype-focused styles like their Eunoia series, cofounder Shaun Berns also makes some really solid craft lagers, including this Czech-style dark lager. This beer deftly straddles the line between porter and lager with bread crust, milk chocolate, and a hint of sulfur while remaining a touch drier than most lagers.

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