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Best Beer in America

Best beer

Despite the increasing popularity of low- and no-alcohol beverages, beer remains the number one choice for many American drinkers. With nearly 9,000 craft breweries in operation and more than 100 million barrels of beer produced each year, there is a wide variety of flavors available to choose from. In fact, the average alcohol content of a traditional draft beer is about 4% ABV, meaning most beers are safe to consume in moderation.

While the best beer may vary depending on taste, this list of the most popular brews across America provides an excellent starting point for any newbie or experienced beer drinker. While some of the top choices may be surprising, the list also includes a handful of iconic options that will likely please any beer lover.

From light lagers to hoppy IPAs, these brews all boast high ratings from beer enthusiasts and can be found on tap at bars around the country. For those who want to keep it classic, try Newcastle Brown Ale, the brown ale poster child that’s been brewing since 1927. Its lighter body and touch of nuttiness makes it a refreshing choice to kick back with.

The only wheat beer in our list, Blue Moon was a standout for tasters who noted its smooth quality. Another great option is a pilsner, like this offering from Yuengling brewery. The Czech Republic is the birthplace of pilsner, and this beer exemplifies its classic flavors. It’s bright, crisp and balanced with sweetness, hops and malt.

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