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New Craft Beer Trends for 2023

New craft beer

From a dark lager that pairs with pizza to a beer made with Madagascar vanilla beans and cocoa nibs, this New craft beer combines brewmaster ingenuity and pop culture appeal. The result is a beverage that straddles the line between sweet stout and hazy IPA.

While IPAs still dominate craft’s corner of the beer market, the genre’s near-monopoly is starting to wane as people new to microbreweries look for something familiar—and a bit less hoppy. Expect breweries to focus more on lagers, which can be easier to palate for those whose tastes are more traditional.

With the COVID-19 pandemic now a thing of the past, and travelers returning to bars and restaurants, many breweries are doubling down on becoming destinations. This is particularly true for larger breweries, such as the Tampa-based Yuengling brewery, which is expanding its campus with a hotel, concert pavilion, private dining, and interactive brewing museum.

Last year’s inclement weather wreaked havoc on barley and hop harvests across America and Europe. With the industry already struggling with labor shortages and rising ingredient prices, 2023 could be a rough one for breweries. Expect more breweries to seek out sustainable ingredients, embrace vegan beer, and focus on delivering clean, crisp flavors to their loyal fans. You can also expect breweries to focus on the quality of their packaging, which will be a major factor in how people perceive their product and brand. Expect to see more modern designs that are easy to read and look good on a shelf.

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