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New Craft Beer Trends

New craft beer

During the peak of the craft beer boom, the industry was all about embracing new styles and flavors. But it was also about being innovative and promoting community—the very definition of craft beer. But as the market matured it started to lose that edge and consumers’ tastes regressed to the mean. And suddenly the beer aisle resembled technicolor billboards of near-indecipherable products.

But just because the market regressed doesn’t mean that innovation is dead. Instead of focusing on the next big thing, some breweries are reintroducing old-fashioned styles and reinventing the beer experience.

Flying Embers is known for its healthful hard kombucha and hard seltzer brands, but this year the brewery branched out to beer, offering up this organic stout. It features reishi mushrooms, which contain adaptogens and help the body to better deal with stress. It also contains barley, rolled oats and a blend of monk fruit and vanilla to make for a rich, easy-drinking beer.

As the hazy IPA craze continues to dominate, some breweries are taking it down a notch with more subdued variations like this session ale. This brew from Brooklyn’s Westbound & Down still delivers the top-selling tropical notes that drive hazy IPAs, but with a more restrained, lighter feel.

While it may have seemed trendy to mock rose beers last year, this year they’ll likely become a stalwart in the craft beer scene. The beer is brewed with pink grapefruit and lavender, then infused with CBD for a subtle and soothing effect that’s great to sip while working on a project or just relaxing at home.

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