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How to Prepare Your Visitors for Brewery Tours

brewery tours

A brewery tour is a great way to learn more about beer, but it also serves as an opportunity to show your appreciation for craft lovers who support your brand. Whether your brewery is hosting the tour or you’re working with a partner to handle the logistics, it’s important to make sure that visitors and their tour guides are well-equipped with the information they need.

Having an easy booking process and a comprehensive, engaging tour will help break down barriers to attendance. In addition, partnering with a company that provides personable, knowledgeable and professional tour guides will ensure that your visitors leave with an experience they’ll want to share with their friends.

DO keep the group together. Wandering off the tour can put guests at risk of slipping and falling, burning themselves, or getting hit by equipment. It may also be annoying to the other members of the tour.

DON’T drink too much. It’s not only rude but it can also be dangerous for you and other brewery employees. Plus, the establishment has every right to ask you to leave if you’re drunk.

Offering discounts in your taproom or in your gift shop to tour attendees is an easy way to increase revenue after a visit and encourage those who took the time out of their day to support your brewery. This type of incentive also increases customer lifetime value, as Sierra Nevada found when they gave infrequent buyers a discount code for future purchases after a tour.

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