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Best Beer in All 50 States

Best beer

When it comes to Best beer, there are plenty of options to choose from. From old-school classics to craft brews with a little more zip, there are something for every palate. But how do you know which one is right for you?

That’s why VinePair took a look at each state to see what beer people loved the most. We based our rankings on the USA Beer Ratings quality, value, and package score (Q, V, P). To make sure we had the most accurate ranking possible, we only considered beers with over 100 ratings from the USA Beer Ratings community.

Here are the top 10 beers people love in all 50 states.

Whether you’re a beer newbie or a lifelong fan, these brews are all worth trying.

Heady Topper

If there’s a beer that represents America’s current fervor for craft brew, it’s this double IPA from Vermont’s Free State Brewing Company. Its reputation preceded it, and now people line up hours before the brewery’s doors open just to get a can or two of the coveted beverage. But Heady Topper deserves its status as an acclaimed flagship—a master class in restraint, packing rich flavors of Hershey’s syrup, graham crackers, and coffee into an undemanding frame.

It may not be as sophisticated as other craft brews on this list, but it’s refreshing and satisfying. Plus, its a great choice for those who want to ease into the beer scene without making a major commitment.

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