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What’s the Best Beer for Your Group?

Best beer

You’re about to head out for a beer fueled social gathering with friends. You want to pick up a few bottles, but you’re also not sure which beer will please your crowd. It’s easy to go with the most popular choices, but those might not be the best beer for your group. We asked a certified cicerone to taste every beer sold by the international grocery chain Aldi, and rank them based on their flavor, aroma, pairing-possibilities, and overall enjoyability.

As craft breweries continue to innovate with hops, and big-box brands invest in no- or low-alcohol offerings, the world of beer has more options than ever before. From new classics like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, to longtime favorite lagers, you can find a pour that fits your palate—and your budget.

But even as IPAs reign supreme in the craft space, classic lagers are still a top-rated style in the US. One of our favorites is Heineken’s Dutch Lager, a versatile, fit-for-everyone beverage that’s perfect for the beach, picnics, or anytime in between. It’s refreshing, balanced, and has a light straw color and clean aroma. Plus, the brewing company has a track record of giving back to local communities, including helping farmers with high-water-use crops. That’s more than we can say for a lot of big-box brands, which have been known to use low-quality ingredients or even tap water to make their products.

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