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The Essential Guide to Food and Beer

food and beer

Beer has always been a natural partner for food and the variety of dishes that pair with it is endless. From burgers and wings to smoked meats and desserts, beer enhances many different dishes and adds new depth of flavor to those classic staples.

Just like wine, beer can be paired with foods of different intensity, ranging from light to robust. A popular blonde ale pairs well with lighter fare, such as salads or salmon, while the toasted malt flavors of dark beer complement hearty dishes like beef carbonnade. Beers can be flavored with hops to add bitterness, or with spices, fruits and even chemical flavoring agents for an entirely unique taste.

When it comes to pairing beer with food, there are three basic approaches: Complement, Contrast and Cut. The first involves combining similar flavors and textures of the food and beer, such as a savory fish taco with a fruity hefeweizen or a spicy chicken curry with a hoppy IPA. The second approach focuses on contrasting the beer and food, pitting opposing flavors against each other. This can be a bold statement, but it also showcases the versatility of beer, particularly with darker beers that pair well with spicy or savory dishes.

The final approach focuses on cooking with beer, taking advantage of the range of flavors in brews to create original recipes and culinary pairings. This book showcases the chefs and brewers who are using their expertise to make beer a central ingredient in many hand-crafted meals. With 75 recipes ranging from appetizers to dessert, this is the essential guide to food and beer.

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