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What to Expect From Brewery Tours

brewery tours

For beer lovers, there are few things more exciting than visiting a brewery and getting a behind-the-scenes look at how your favorite brew is made. Brewery tours let you sample the brews as well as learn about the history and culture behind them, making them perfect for a day trip or even a vacation. However, it’s important to know what to expect from your brewery tour before you sign up.

A visit to the Samuel Adams brewery in Boston gives visitors an inside look at how it helped start the craft beer movement, as well as a taste of their famous Boston Lager. The free, first-come, first-serve tours also offer the chance to taste limited-release experimental beers. Dogfish Head is another popular destination, offering a free hour-long tour of the brewery that also lets visitors experience the brewery’s cellars and bottling line. The company also offers a more involved Grain to Glass tour and a guided tasting of its beers.

Located near Portland, Allagash is another one of the region’s favorite breweries, serving up traditional and experimental Belgian beers that are bottle-conditioned. The brewery’s free tour lets visitors get a closer look at the process of brewing and the brewery’s unique fermentation method.

Take a brewery tour of NYC and learn about New York City’s rich brewing history as you visit top breweries in Brooklyn and Queens. This three-hour tour by City Brew Tours NYC includes beer sampling, a brewery tour, and transportation in a comfortable van.

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