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The Best Beers of All Time

Best beer

Best beer

It doesn’t matter whether you’re enjoying a frozen schooner at the end of a hard day or are stocking up on the best beers for your next game night with friends, there’s a can of beer out there for everyone. From classic light lagers to craft-beer style gourmet drafts, commercial breweries are busy pumping out amber-colored gold to slake the thirst of millions of Americans. While breweries are pumping out more sophisticated, full-bodied beers than ever before, the most popular beers are still brewed with simple ingredients for a delicious taste.

Heineken is one of the world’s most popular beers, and it’s easy to see why. This smooth lager is slightly stronger than most mass-produced options, and has a crisp finish. It’s also incredibly affordable, making it the perfect drink for a group of friends on a budget.

Blue Moon is another cheap option that’s not only affordable, but a delicious brew to enjoy with your friends. This wheat-based beer is lighter than the others on the list, but tasted heavier to our testers and was incredibly smooth to sip.

Hefeweizen gets a bad rap for being too banana and clove-y, but this brew from Hawley skirts that debate with tropical floral notes and a smart structure. Even in a world of hyped hazy IPAs, this brew from Sierra Nevada proves that a well-balanced, simple approach can be just as satisfying.

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