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The Benefits of Brewery Tours

brewery tours

The brewing industry has a long history of being a part of the community, and brewery tours are one way that local breweries engage their patrons on a more personal level. Tours let beer lovers get up close and personal with the brewery, meet brewers, learn how beer is made, and make new friends with fellow beer lovers.

For breweries, brewery tours are a great way to boost their brand awareness and revenue by offering an experience that is more three-dimensional than simply visual. Breweries can also include branded brewery add-ons, like a pint glass to take home, that give visitors something more tangible and memorable to associate with the experience of taking a tour.

When done right, a brewery tour is an educational experience that educates guests on the different ingredients that go into beer, the various brewing methods, and the history of the specific brewery. Often, tours are offered by small breweries that are paired with restaurants, making it easy for people to have an amazing meal and craft beer in one trip.

In order to ensure the safety of brewery tour guests, it is important that breweries have clear guidelines for their participants. Guests should be encouraged to ask questions and interact, but if a guest becomes disruptive or ignores verbal instructions, they should be asked to leave the tour. Keeping the tour size small allows guides to keep an eye on everyone, and ensures that guests don’t touch anything they shouldn’t or wander off the established tour route. It is also important to communicate with guests ahead of time about the potential hazards of a brewery, especially hot and/or noisy production areas.

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