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The Best Beers at Aldi

Beer is one of the most beloved beverages on earth. It permeates nearly every culture and has a role in celebrations, meals, sunrises, sunsets and sports. It’s a beverage that is best consumed with friends, family, food or just for the sake of it. We know that you are a true beer nerd and always want to try the latest brews on the market, but we wanted to give you some guidance in your search for the perfect pour. So we asked a few beer experts to rank the 12 beers you can find at your local Aldi. We had a blind taste test with a certified cicerone and bar manager to rank the beers based on their flavors, aromas, pairing-possibilities and overall enjoyability.

A great beer can be enjoyed alone or paired with a meal, but pizza is an especially excellent accompaniment to a well-made brew. Whether it’s deep dish or thin crust, we consulted several pizza purists and breweries to find the beers that pair best with your favorite pie.

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