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New Craft Beer Trends in 2023

After a few pandemic-infused years, craft beer has started to reposition itself. It’s moving away from gimmicky smoothie beers and slime brews, and back to focusing on the fundamentals. This year, we’re seeing a return to brewing that tastes like beer again – and this new trend is helping the category to stand out.

Whether it’s an IPA with a dash of sea salt, a coffee porter made with cocoa nibs or a stout that’s blended with reishi mushrooms (a superfood ingredient known for its stress-fighting properties), these new beers all offer unique twists on the classic style. We expect this new trend to continue throughout 2023 as breweries seek to distinguish themselves with creative ingredients and innovative approaches.

The new craft beer scene has also been impacted by the fact that overall consumer preferences are moderating, and in some cases, regressing to the mean. This has led to consumers being less risk-averse and more educated about their beers, as well as less willing to take chances on new and adventurous styles.

All these trends are impacting the supply side of the industry, too. Having an oversupply of craft brands makes it harder for new entrants to get their products in front of consumers and establish a brand identity. It’s also making it more difficult for breweries to justify investing in raw materials that aren’t immediately in demand, such as barley and hops. And the growth of large macro-breweries is making it even harder for independent breweries to differentiate themselves on taproom shelves and at retail.

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