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New Craft Beer Trends for 2023

New craft beer is a growing phenomenon in every major economy, reshaping the entire industry and opening up a world of unique flavors. The emergence of craft breweries was driven by both a demand for variety and the availability of new and innovative ingredients.

The craft movement started in Europe and America with pioneering entrepreneurs inspired by different styles of beer from abroad. Often, they sourced their inspiration from countries that had strong beer traditions, or where the craft beer scene had already developed.

Some early entrants in the US craft segment grew up on American style ales, while others drew inspiration from Belgian-style beers (Alworth, 2015; Donadini and Porretta 2017). As a result, the craft beer landscape in 2023 will offer more choices than ever.

In addition to traditional beers, breweries will offer nonalcoholic sour ales, IPAs and other styles that don’t contain alcohol. The trend will appeal to a growing population of sober drinkers who prefer a more natural alternative to hard liquor, says Gore Suarez, CEO of Athletic Brewing.

Sour beer continues to grow in popularity, as breweries experiment with different yeast strains and other techniques. For example, Westbrook’s gose has become one of the biggest revival stories in modern brewing.

Hemp-infused beer is a new trend that’s set to make waves in 2023. CBD is a nonpsychotropic extract from the hemp plant that can help relieve anxiety and relax the body.

This emerging trend is an excellent way for breweries to diversify their offerings and expand their reach, which should prove to be an important driver in 2023.

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