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Best Beer of All Styles

Best beer

Craft brewers make their beers from the finest ingredients and work hard to ensure that each and every beer they produce is as delicious and unique as possible. They don’t make beer just to make money – they do it because they love what they do, and they’re proud to share that passion with the rest of the world.

When you think of craft beer, your mind probably goes straight to IPAs and Belgians, but there are plenty of other styles that offer plenty of flavor for those looking for a change from the typical light lagers or dark ales. Check out our guide to the best beers of all styles, from hazy IPAs to Belgian golden ales to refreshing easy-drinking lagers, and find your new favorite beer.

Top 10 – Lights and Amber Lagers

There’s a reason mass-produced lagers are the most popular beer in America. While some may not like their flavors, they are comforting and dependable. This test brought us to Yuengling, a dark and fuller-bodied lager that’s perfect for colder weather.

Another beer that has become a staple in American culture is Miller High Life, which has been around since 1903. This simple lager is just as refreshing and delicious as it sounds. It’s also one of the most widely-recommended beers by craft beer and cocktail pros, which is why it lands among our Top 10 list.

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