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What is Beer?

What is beer?

Brewing beer is an age-old technique that uses a combination of water, grain (usually barley), hops and yeast to create the world’s most refreshing drink. It’s also a great source of vitamins and minerals, including B12, folic acid, calcium and iron.

What is beer made of?

The ingredients in beer vary widely, depending on the type of drink. But most beers start with the same basic ingredients: grains, yeast and water.

Grains are a main ingredient in most beers and help to provide the sweet, malty flavor that the beer will later taste like. Grain types include malted barley, oats, wheat and rye.

Yeast helps to convert the sugar in the grains into alcohol and carbon dioxide through fermentation. The resulting beer can be a wide variety of flavors from bitter and fruity to smooth and chocolatey.

What is a good beer?

Whether it’s light, refreshing or full-bodied, a good beer is one that has the right combination of flavor. The type of yeast used in the brewing process has a big impact on the flavors produced by the beer, and the brewer often adjusts the mineral content to achieve the desired result.

What is a lager?

The term lager comes from the German word for storage place, and refers to a type of beer that is brewed with bottom-fermenting yeast. These beers prefer a cooler environment and are crisp and thirst-quenching.

A top-fermented ale (called a pilsner) is another common type of beer. This is a light-colored, refreshing and thirst-quenching beverage that is fermented with yeast that floats on the surface of the liquid. The top-fermenting yeast usually needs a few weeks to settle in and produce a broader range of flavors, such as citrus and floral notes.

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