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Brewery Tours

brewery tours

Brewery tours give you a chance to explore your local brewing culture, see the beer making process, and try new beers. It’s a fun experience and can be a great way to spend time with friends and family.

Providing visitors with a convenient way to tour your brewery can increase their loyalty and support your business! Whether you’re a small brewery with limited resources or a large company looking to expand your business, partnering with a brewery tour company can help you reach new customers and bring them in to experience your brand.

How to Run a Successful Brewery Tour

The best brewery tours are informative and provide guests with an opportunity to learn more about the craft beer industry and your business. Make sure you include tours that allow guests to get an inside look at your brewing equipment, the brewmaster’s philosophies and techniques, and even meet the owner!

You can also offer different types of tours, like a food and beer pairing event, to keep your audience engaged. Troegs Independent Brewing in Asheville offers three different tours, plus a weekly food and beer pairing event, to provide visitors with a variety of options for their brewery tour experience.

How to Schedule Your Brewery Tours

Having regularly scheduled days and times for brewery tours makes it easier for guests to plan their visit around your availability. It also helps reduce your no-show rate, which can be devastating for a brewery’s revenue.

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