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New Craft Beer Trends

New craft beer

Craft beer’s popularity has surged for over a decade, and the industry is now a driving force in up-and-coming neighborhoods and communities. It’s also a major contributor to the economy and provides an outlet for local entrepreneurs. But despite its growing appeal, the long-building boom could finally be coming to a close in 2023.

In the past two decades, craft brewers and their customers have transformed global beer markets. They ended a century of consolidation that resulted in the domination of a few global multinationals and the homogenization of beer.

They also challenged the beer world’s standardization by introducing new, original flavors and styles. And they did it while re-igniting a passion for beer that was previously abandoned, says Bart Watson, vice president of marketing at the Brewers Association.

Across the country, breweries are developing a wide range of beers. The resulting mix of styles presents operational challenges, but also provides opportunities for consumers to sample a variety of beers.

Some brewers are betting that the English-style pale ale will be a key part of the craft market’s future. “An English-style lager has the versatility to deliver the same great flavor and body as a pilsner with just a touch more alcohol and crispness,” says Ryan Fry, owner of Sudwerk Brewing in Davis, California.

Another trend that’s sure to gain ground in the craft market is hazy IPAs, which have gained a cult following among fans of West Coast brews. These brews are brewed with fruity hops and feature a light body that encourages drinkers to sip more.

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