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A New Wave of Craft Brewing and Beer Trends

New craft beer

A New Wave of Craft Brewing & Beer Trends

The beer world has been going through a lot of change recently. One of the main reasons for this is that many of the “craft” breweries that were once considered craft are now owned by large corporations like AB-InBev (Budweiser), MillerCoors and Heineken, which created a big debate about what beer was truly “craft”.

Another major shift was the fact that the number of small breweries started to outpace larger ones. This is because small brewers appeal to a different audience than larger companies, who primarily market their products to national audiences.

They do this by brewing more unique, often unconventional, flavors that are appealing to a younger audience. This means that many of these breweries need to start introducing a variety of new and exciting beers to the market to remain relevant and compete with the larger beer companies.

There is no doubt that this is a positive trend for the beer industry, and it’s great news for consumers as well. However, this is also a very big concern because this can result in the same pitfalls that are associated with mass-marketed beer that have been around for centuries – such as low quality and unethical business practices.

New craft breweries are starting to pop up all over the country. Some are even selling their beers directly to customers through retail stores and restaurants, which can be a big risk.

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